Allstar Poetry Slam – the Personal is Political

Presented by Perth Slam and hosted by the Antipoet, Perth’s best slammers battle it out for glory. Judges are chosen randomly from the audience. See. Hear. Touch. Taste. And smell the poetry!

Laundryman – wrote the word ‘DIE’ on a toilet door in his own blood at age six, making art ever since.
Luka Buchannan – the magnified shadow of an observer cast upon the surfaces of clouds.
Zee Ibrahim –  will blast your socks off and rock your ideals about the norm.
Kai Schweizer – (with the unpronounceable last name) is a poet (apparently) whose emo phase never quite ended.
Scott-Patrick Mitchell – will steal your car and your hearts; appears in books.
Saoirse Nash – is poetry that makes you feel like you’ve been punched in your emotional face or just had your first kiss
Jesse Oliver – does feelings; wields poetry like a street preacher with an end-of-times sign.
Sanna Pedden – votes early, votes often; does her own stunts and has never disrespected the Wu-Tang Clan.
Zainab Sayed – making homes out of words and leaving soon after; vacant and full of light.
Splodge – makes found sound poetry into sweet, disruptive noise; will confuse your faces.

Info & Ticketing


St John’s Anglican Church

26 Adelaide Street, Fremantle


Tuesday 31 October

6pm – 7pm

Doors open 5.30pm


$5 unwaged / $10 waged. Tickets available on the door only.

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