Zweitgeist (AUT/CHE)

Seaborn is a contemporary performance/ritual by Zweitgeist to mark the commencement of High Tide, the first Fremantle biennale. The documented video work was conceived as a meta-artwork that involves individual artists working with site-specific responses in a collective, equally site-specific performance piece. The emergence out of the sea of fully dressed artists at the iconic Bathers Beach, serves as a metaphor for the artistic ‘High Tide’ that the Fremantle biennale aims to bring about. Seaborn involves the community of creators, participants and supporters in an ‘alignment ritual’ that articulates collective intent through collective enactment.

This artwork will appear at the High Tide Hub on a continual loop, alongside Resident Alien and Abracadabra.

Info & Ticketing


High Tide Hub | Arthur Head Reserve, 9 Captain’s Lane, Fremantle


Saturday 28 October – Sunday 12 November

6pm – 10pm